3PL, B2B & B2C

3PL, B2B & B2C

3PL, B2B & B2C

Assemble and ship your products everywhere, anytime and on time.

Third party logistics, or 3PL, is the outsourcing of a company’s supply chain. 3PL companies offer an integrated logistics solution, including warehousing services, distribution policy, cross-docking services, and transport services.

An integrated logistics solution includes all warehousing, handling and distribution services. In sum, we are your back-store without hassle. We manufacture, consolidate, bag, package, glue, embroider and distribute all your items according to your needs;

  •     We will pick up your items
  •     We sort and store your items in our warehouses
  •     You send us your requests
  •     We operate all necessary handling
  •     We send all your items with the most suitable and economical carriers
  •     We follow the delivery

Corporate brochures, kiosks, demonstrative objects and others. A call or email will allow you to send diligently and securely your promotional and other items wherever you want.

The B2B logistics for “business to business logistics” brings together all the techniques used in the context of inter-company trading.

  • customers / consumers are companies
  • there are fewer customers / prospects but the potential unit value is higher
  • the search for information can be very thorough and is mainly done on the Internet
  • purchasing and decision cycles can be very long
  • buyers are normally more rational and sometimes professional buyers
  • the value of a customer can be very high and represent a big part of the turnover.

B2C logistics refers to all the relationships that unite end-users and consumers, as well as the technical or software means used to facilitate their interactions. This type of logistics covers goods or services designed for the general public. Companies determine their B2C logistics according to the nature of their products, the degree of customization and the number of customers targeted.

Thanks to Entrepro and its logistics services, you can easily minimize the stakeholders, ensure delivery to your customers and manage the management of your inventory.