At Entrepro AMD, we help marketing departments with all their logistics needs. With our bespoke WMS platform, we can help you reduce the mental burden of your marketing teams.

By providing efficient logistical support for your teams you increase their productivity, reduce their stress and directly affect your operating costs, execution time and reduce the risk of errors.

Contact our experts, they will evaluate your requests in order to answer adequately to your most particular needs, whatever they are.

The 4 stages of reducing the mental load

1- Multiple parcel distribution to the merchant and representative.

2- Tracks numerous tracking numbers.

3- Transport adapt according to your needs.

4- Centralization and storage of all your promotional items.

By combining each of these steps, Entrepro AMD allows you a considerable reduction of work and simplifies your activities.


At Entrepro AMD we want to contribute to your success by enabling small entrepreneurs to be able to compete with the big fluctuations in global ecommerce, without any logistical hassle.

That's why at Entrepro AMD we have developed a solution that deals effectively with the marketing and distribution of your products online.

Let us help you and focus on leveraging your strengths to grow your business..

Key services of integrated logistics

1- Order taking software mates with your transactional software.

2- Preparation and shipment of parcels.

3- Real-time inventory management.

4- Storage of your products.

By combining each of these stages, Entrepro allows you a considerable reduction of work and simplifies the activities of your handling and distribution processes.


Many different objects Several suppliers and suitor.

Lack of time, space and organization Your project requires several manipulations, you have several different promotional items and multiple suppliers.

At Entrepro AMD we offer you a tailor-made solution to combine the different products in one package, which will then be transported according to your needs.

The 4 stages of Pick & Pack

1- Logistics of routing of your products with your suppliers.

2- Storage of your products group in the same place.

3- Real-time inventory management.

4- Creation of kits.

All of our kit and assembly solutions are fully customizable and subject to rigorous quality controls.


Custom services


Shipping each package as quickly as possible at the lowest cost. Entrepro’s proximity to the main roads is the key to our success.


The company ENTREPRO, renowned for its know-how and professional methods is at your disposal for any assembly of any kind.


Selling online? Optimize your logistics, increase your sales and improve the experience of your customers.

Non-compliance correction

Our experts are meticulous and watch your products carefully so that your customers are always satisfied.


Last minute additions? no problem, our labeling service allows you to make additions quickly.


From bulk mailings to event planning, count on Entrepro to deliver the goods always according to the standards of the domain and time wanted.

Inventory management

Fault-free order management means impeccable and accurate orders at all times.


We have extensive experience in assembling and shipping your samples across Canada and the United States.


Freight warehouse services in our heated and secured warehouse. At all times, our professional team guarantees you efficiency and quick action.

Distribution everywhere in Canada

Assemble and ship your products everywhere, anytime and on time

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